WrapPro PPF

Wrappro PPF uses the top-grade TPU materials from Argotec, a leader in the American TPU industry, which combined with ceramic coating. It has a long-lasting ultra gloss look, self-healing function and is not easy to become dull and yellow.

PPF can be directly applied on the surface of the car paint, and will not affect the appearance of the car after installation. PPF is durable and has excellent performance, which can effectively protect your car from scratches, rock chips, etc.

  • Gloss PPF
  • Matte PPF
  • Colour PPF
  • Light Protection Film
  • Solar Control Film

Gloss PPF

  • Preserves original color and enhances luster.
  • Make your car shine like new.
Kia EV6 installed Gloss PPF

Kia EV6

Porsche Taycan installed Gloss PPF

Porsche Taycan

Lamborghini Urus installed Gloss PPF

Lamborghini Urus

Matte PPF

  • Presents different luster and creates a smooth and flawless matte effect.
Volvo C40 install Matte PPF

Volvo C40

Tesla Model Y install Matte PPF

Tesla Model Y

BMW ix install Matte PPF

BMW ix

Colour PPF

  • Inject personal characteristics and show your own style.
  • Transform new appearance of car with high texture colour.
Tesla Model Y installed colour PPF

Tesla Model Y

BMW 420i M Sport installed colour PPF

BMW 420i M Sport

Toyota GR86 installed colour PPF

Toyota GR86

Light Protection Film

  • Protect from scratches, yellowing.
  • Clear Light Film: Enhance the surface brightness of the lamp housing and maintain the transparency of the lamp.
  • Smoke Light Film: Cool visual effects which showing a stylish style.
Comparison of Clear and Smoke Light Film


Clear Light Film

Clear Light Film

Smoke Light Film

Smoke Light Film

Solar Control Film

  • Resist high temperature and block ultraviolet rays effectively.
  • Prevent damage or shattering of skylights caused by objects falling from heights, and reduce secondary damage caused by glass splashes.
Before and After Comparison

Before and After Comparison

Installing Solar Control Film

Installing Solar Control Film

Solar Control Film

Solar Control Film